Community Guiding Principles

Our Mission

To create a just community of enriching relationships based on cooperation, respect, safety and sharing.

Our Ideals

  • We strive for a positive atmosphere of trust and consideration.
  • We strive for a flexible balance in addressing the needs and desires of community and individual members.
  • We strive to communicate understandably and to create, recognize and respect clear interpersonal boundaries.

Our Values

A consensus-based community. Through the consensus decision-making process, we seek to include and empower the entire community. We strive for balance in addressing the needs and desires of the community and the individual.

A sharing community. We value participation and mutual support. We value sharing our skills, resources, responsibilities and ourselves, while respecting the balance between privacy and interconnection.

A community of love and friends. We recognize that interpersonal relationships are the core of our community and seek to foster friendship, connection, and trust. We strive to bring the best of ourselves to our relationships with each other. We embrace the power of love and the practices of empathy, compassion and forgiveness.

A community of sharing food. We recognize that nourishment of our bodies is nourishment of our community. We value growing, preparing and sharing food together.

A community of integrity and mutual accountability. We value the bond that is formed when we follow through on commitments and align our actions with our ideals. We value mutual accountability regarding both our tangible and intangible common resources, such as property, finances, group process, values, ideals and time.

A community of trust, communication and respect. We value clear, conscious communication. We strive to maintain an atmosphere of trust and consideration, where all participants feel safe, respected and heard.

A nurturing community. We recognize the need for home to be a place of nurturance and healing. We strive to create a community that supports and encourages each of us. We honor and respect diversity.

A community of the earth. We value our connection to the earth and seek to bring our lives into greater harmony with the natural world. We value responsible stewardship and the pursuit of strategies that support environmental sustainability and preservation.

A community of transformation. We recognize our need to learn, evolve and grow as individuals and as a community. We value our creativity, adaptability and potential to catalyze positive change in the world.